GISMONYC Discussion List

To join the GISMO discussion listserv:

A. Send a blank email to
and do not include any subject line or text in the body of the email


B. Visit and click “Join Group”.

Note: Joining the GISMONYC yahoo groups listserv is not the same as joining GISMO and paying annual dues.  The listserv is a very active message board used for job posting, internship opportunities, GIS news, and event announcements. Regular, retired, and student GISMO members have the right to vote in GISMO elections and to run for the Board and other leadership positions as outlined in the GISMO Bylaws, and other benefits as outlined on our membership pages. GISMO members are not automatically subscribed to the GISMONYC yahoo groups discussion listserv, and must follow the steps outlined above.  GISMO members will receive official notices and announcements related to special events, regardless of their status with the listserv.