Geography 2050

2050_logoOnce again the American Geographical Society (AGS) is offering GISMO and NYSGISA members a significant discount to attend their 2016 Fall Symposium. This Conference is known for its terrific speakers, stimulating sessions and wonderful food. It is also a place to rub shoulders with national and international GIS leaders and celebrities in government and industry. This year’s AGS Fall Symposium, entitled “Geography 2050: Envisioning A Sustainable Planet, will take place on November 17th and 18th at Columbia University.

Special Discount: The rate for GISMO and NYSGISA government, academic and not-for-profit members is $190 instead of $300. The rate for retiree/student members is also $190 instead of $250. The rate for business members is $400 instead of $600.  There are limited slots, so please register for the Symposium as soon as you can.

– Select one of the three Registrant Types (based on your current status):

Symposium Only-Special: Business
Symposium Only-Special: Academic/Not-for-Profit/Government
Symposium Only-Special: Retiree/Student

GISMO-NYC/NYSGIS members can only register one (1) person per form.
Enter the number 1 next to the # symbol for the chosen registration category.

Special thanks to Dr. John Konarski, AGS’ Executive Director and GISMO member for making this offer possible.

Emerging GIS

gis_layersThe NYS GIS Association was awarded a $10,000 grant by The Fund for The City of New York to assess the GIS needs and resources for municipalities throughout NYS and identify potential strategies and solutions for the increased use of GIS. Although GIS is used extensively in many areas, there are still places in New York that do not use GIS or could use it more effectively.  GIS is a technology through which communities can use computerized maps to analyze and improve a municipality’s planning, asset management, emergency response, disaster services, humanitarian aid, and other vital public functions.

The “Emerging GIS Series: Emergency Response” video shows real-life examples on how important GIS is to local governments and fire departments for emergency response.  The video can be viewed on the NYS GIS Association’s YouTube channel at or on the NYS GIS Association’s Emerging GIS webpage at .