Keep in Touch

Veteran GISMO members may remember Zvia Naphtali. Zvia taught a GIS course at NYU, started a user’s group there, and eventually joined forces with GISMO. Her husband, Len Naphtali, worked with GIS at DEP and was also a GISMO member. Several years ago Len contracted Parkinson’s disease and they moved to Israel, where Zvia was from. Zvia is preoccupied with the care needed by Len and really misses her GIS teaching and GISMO friends. If you were acquainted with Len and/or Zvia, I am sure they would enjoy hearing from you.

from Jack Eichenbaum who visited the Naphtalis in Israel in April. Contact Zvia at .

GIS Job & Career Fair

GISMO will be hosting a GIS Job & Career Fair and we would like your input!  This half-day GIS fair will take place in Fall 2017. Any GISMO member, student, recent graduate, GIS professional, GIS-related company or organization from the NYC-metro area is invited to attend. Potential employers will each have a table filled with brochures, visuals, and free giveaways. Attendees are encouraged to visit tables to speak with company representatives about employment opportunities and for general information. A professional development “crash course” is also being organized to prepare students for the Fair.

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If you or your company would like to participate as an exhibitor at the GIS Job & Career Fair, please complete the Exhibitor Survey.  For more information about these events, email Amy Jeu at

GIS Job Fair Planning Committee
Amy Jeu, Connie Koo, Lisa Palmer, Timur Pozhidaev, Ham Sleiman, Joseph Tapia

Hiking with GISMO

Board Member Lisa Palmer is organizing a series of hiking events for GISMO members.  For more information, please contact Lisa at .

Environmental PAG

Joy Cytryn and Stephen Metts are spearheading the formation of an Environmental Professional Affiliation Group (EnvPAG). One objective will be to connect with the wide array of environmental organizations active in the NYC Metro Area, ranging from large, national organizations to smaller, local groups with the idea of offering GIS services. For more information, contact Joy at or Stephen at .